Shooting Star Archery Products Announces Big Changes in Business

2021 had a lot of landmark events, to be sure. We marked our 21st year in business while the world turned upside down! I, personally, am so grateful to all of my friends, family, archery buddies and the thousands of customers over the years who purchased my products, told their friends about Shooting Star, advised and critiqued my designs along the way and stood behind me financially and physically while I struggled to build this business and keep it afloat through 21 years of ups and downs.

It is with so many mixed emotions that I am announcing the impending closure of most of the manufacturing aspects of our business at the end of July, 2021. I am currently exploring options to sell the business and will certainly direct you to the new owners for our products, if that comes to fruition. 

Thank you for more than two decades of support! 

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