Case Fitting and Bow Measurement Tips

All of our case measurements are actual lengths and widths. Actual case measurements can be found by clicking on the Specifications Tab located on the top of each Description box. 
Please measure your bow carefully and order the appropriate size case for your bow. We do not offer refunds for cases ordered for improperly measured cases.  To accurately measure your bow set up, please use the following tips:

For a Compound or Strung Longbow/Recurve Bow Set up
1. Lay a tape measure out on floor or long table. Equip your bow with everything you  want to be able to carry on your bow while in your case (quiver, sight, stabilizer, etc.)
2. Place compound or strung bow on tape measure with the string edge laying along tape. 
3. Look straight down from above and note the longest measure of your bow from tip to tip or outer edge of cam to cam.
4. This measurement equals the length of your bow.
5. With your bow still on floor or table with the string edge on this surface, measure the tallest point of your bow/equipment.
6. This measurement is the height of your bow.

For an Un-strung Longbow/Recurve Set up 
1. Un-string bow and lay string-side down on measuring tape.
2. Looking straight down from above, measure at the longest point on bow.
3. This measurement equal the length of your bow.
4. With bow still laying string-side down, measure from floor or table to highest point of your bow or set up.                                                                                                        5. This measurement equals the height of your bow set up.

To order the appropriate case for your bow, please add 2" to the above measurements and choose a case that will fit your set up. If you are still having difficulty measuring your bow, we will be happy to assist you at